April 29, 2022

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April 27, 2022


Hi All,

Here is a preview for the coming video touching how loyality and discipline may get affected by remote work, and guidelines for what to do.

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April 27, 2022


Remote work is here to stay, it's a societal transformation implied by two years of pandemic enforcing it. In the very least, you will face it partially in the new mode of Hybrid Work. It's not something to neglect.

In this lecture, Medhat S. Korayem will review what happened to the work environment,  then will enrich your leadership tools with 10+ tips to help you cope seamlessly with new leadership demands.

Coming soon on Zoom.

Mon May 2, 3:00 pm (CST US and Canada, GMT 0-5)

Language: English

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April 26, 2022


 Software SMB owners and Managers!

Two years of isolation surely will have effect on your people and the way they work.
Let's discuss that, and the tools to cope.
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April 20, 2022


الزملاء و الزميلات من حملة مسئولية إدارة المشروعات و خصوصا فى مجال البرمجيات

الحكاية مش مجرد تاسكات و توقيتات و بلاناتت و ريفيوهات و مينتات و دمتم ...

النجاح فى هذه المهنة يعنى يعنى مهارات كتير و تفوقكم فيها عايز مهارات أكتر

consultant or project auditor بناء على خبرة فى مئات المشروعات من نظرة

المحاضرة دى بتحط فى 35 دقيقة مؤشرات على أهم عناصر النجاح اللى لازم تضيفها لنفسك عشان تبقى مدير مشروعات مميز، و مطلوب بالإسم





Hello everybody!

How I see OOPS!

Look at that quote dated today on the Quotes section.

See you.

M. Sabry - April 19, 2022


Positive Thinking in Times of Negatives (US/Canada Edition) - Run 2

Successfully Delivered yesterday on time.

Thanks to the great audience, especially Mrs. May Shakra Ohlhof from IMB, who gave a insightful comments to the  enrich the the content.

Expect one more repetition very soon.




April 13, 2022

Expect one more repetition very soon.

Positive Thinking in Times of Negatives (Us and Canada Version)

Today (April 12)  7:00 PM PST (GMT - 7)
Register here to get your seat by mail: 


About the Speaker

* Medhat Sabry Korayem, B.Sc. Aero Eng.

* 40+ years of experience in all aspects of the software development process, starting at programming up to managing/coaching development teams and organizational consultancy and mentoring

* Founder (and Developer) of my own professional website: www.Techstamina.com, where I avail my ideas about the triple-P’s People, Process, Projects in the Industry

* Author of: The Software Leaders' Guide: Your way to effectively lead Software people

* Concepts: People Re-engineering, Business as Unusual and Humanized Quality Theory

* LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/medhat-sabry-korayem

* Facebook: Techstamina New

* Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



April 5, 2022

Positive Thinking in Times of Negatives! Second Run

Thank you so much dear participants for your great contribution to the first run of the lecture yesterday.

I was really thrilled by the comments and the questions I received from the wonderful group. Answers will be mailed to you max. by Friday.

Those who were not able to join me due to some platform limitations, will get the chance to join the coming run, free of charge.

I'll broadcast the second run very soon invitation very soon.




April 2, 2022

Positive Thinking in Times of Negatives Preview